Use Case Scenario: Axis & Strips Guard

Even though the sensor is traditionally made for windows & doors, it does not mean that you can’t get creative with your Strips sensor! As we’ve seen with many of our Strips Guard sensor users, the possibilities are endless in how the sensor can be used to make your daily life easier. Anything that has a moving part, a window, drawer, cabinet, etc., is a potential candidate for Strips Guard.

Some interesting use cases we have heard in the past are:

  • Baby gate – monitor when your toddler is about to climb up the stairs
  • Mailbox – be notified when you’ve got mail
  • Elderly Care – put it on the medicine cabinet to make sure that elderly relatives are taking their pills

One we’ve recently come across from our partner Axis’s branch in the States is using Strips Guard to monitor when the cash register is open or closed. Cool huh? Check the video below to see exactly how he did it:

Any other use cases you’ve come across that you would like to share? Leave us a comment below or send some pictures to

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