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Our IoT customer cases

At Sensative, we work globally with customers in a broad selection of sectors and markets. From municipalities, utility companies, and the security sector to real estate owners, shipping companies, and more. We have published case stories of a wide variety of customer cases to show what we do, to inspire how to utilize IoT technology, and not least, what the real-life gains are.

Learnings from our IoT customer cases

Concrete customer cases bring a much higher value than visionary use cases by showing what other customers have done, what their solution to actual problems looks like, and their gains. In many cases, you can watch a video and listen directly to customers and the challenges they found along the way, what they did to overcome the obstacles, and what they see as promising in the time to come within the IoT field.

These people are often open to discussions and advice you on new projects. Contact us so we can set up a direct link with them for you.

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