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A Look Back at 2015

Anticipation for 2016!
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In June, Sensative launched its crowdfunding campaign with the promise of delivery in November. We were told, “Don’t worry if you’re late, almost every tech hardware startup is late in shipping its perks.”

We were determined to be different. We were…kind of.

Sensative managed to deliver perks to 23% of our supporters by November 30th. While this may be seen as a respectable, we at Sensative feel that’s not good enough.

We worked very hard over the past 5 months to make sure we would have a Z-Wave Plus certified, quality product into the hands of our supporters on time. We could mention many factors that were beyond our control but this is not the way we do things at Sensative. We take responsibility for the delays and apologize to our supporters.

As some of our supporters bought commercial, Distributor Perks, they have received part of their perks to sell and thus, there are some Strips that are being sold before all of our crowdfunding supporters will receive theirs. We hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion but all of our supporters, commercial and private were vital to our bringing Strips to market.

Production has begun to show the quality that we are striving for and that our customers deserve. As issues have come up, we have worked closely with our manufacturer to fix them and ensure they will not happen again. Defect rates are dropping dramatically and the units that we have sent out to our supporters are of top quality.

This few steps forward, one step back is in synch with the journey Sensative embarked on nearly 3 years ago. You need to walk before you can run and, being less than 3 years old, sometimes the steps are a bit unsteady. But, we learn from each step back, each fall and we emerge, moving forward, more strong and determined.

This strength and determination we bring forward to 2016 where we will begin the year by visiting CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. After visiting in 2015 and receiving amazingly positive feedback, this year we will bring a reinforced team and, just as important, a product that is now being manufactured and sold. We are confident that the splash we will make at CES will be even bigger this year.

If you, or someone you know would like to meet with us, fill out our contact form and we will be in touch to set up a meeting. To see a demonstration of Strips, the world’s thinnest sensor, come by the Z-Wave Pavilion in LVCC, booth 21000.

Finally, it is just days before Christmas, followed rapidly by another New Year. We would like to wish our Sensative family, friends, supporters, hero’s and partners a holiday filled with everything that is special to you and a healthy and successful New Year.

See you in 2016!



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