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Team Sensative is Really Getting Around!

Report from our launch road-trip

Over the past 2 weeks, representatives from Sensative have been seen in many different places, some very far away, some a little closer to home. From California in the USA to Dublin, Ireland and Stockholm, Sweden, Strips has been demonstrated and presented to hundreds of people and companies.

We’ve even managed to win an award! Strips has received 3rd place for Innovative Achievement from Detektor International, a leading publication in the security branch for the EMEA region. A grand achievement for a small startup from Lund!


The award was presented to Fredrik Westman, Co-Founder and Mats Pettersson, CEO in conjunction with the Sec-Tech trade show in Stockholm, the biggest security related show in the Nordic region. They also demonstrated Strips to curious visitors at the Look-C booth, one of our partners in bringing Strips to market.

Last week, the 3 co-owners participated in the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland. Over 30,000 people descended on the city to experience the latest in web services and solutions. The line of people waiting to ‘see’ the world’s most invisible sensor was always many people deep and curious onlookers were amazed at the design achievement Sensative has accomplished.

As if this weren’t enough, 2 Sensative employees went to the U.S.A. to participate in the Z-Wave Alliance fall summit. The summit is a gathering of about 100 people representing companies from all over the world to discuss the technical as well as the business side of Z-Wave technologies. Being recently Z-Wave plus certified, we were involved in a developer day where we got to test Strips with many controllers and show how our design can work in conjunction with other companies’ devices. A key plus of using Z-Wave technology.

To say that Strips was the star of the day would not be overstating it at all.

Production has begun and we’re ramping up slowly but surely while taking great pains to ensure quality improves with each batch by testing, retesting and diligently inspecting the units that are coming off the line at this time. Finding issues at this point is expected and the best way to fix them going forward to ensure a quality product for all of our Strips partners and users.

Our crowd funding supporters have started receiving their perks and so far so good. We’re ready to help if any of our supporters experience issues in adding Strips to their smart home system or mounting the sensor on their windows and doors.

Busy may be an overused word these days but the past few weeks would certainly qualify as busy for Sensative. However, highly informative, productive and rewarding would also be accurate in describing the current situation of Team Sensative.



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